Welcome to AMLI


Across Maasai Land Initiative (AMLI) is a non-profit organization working to promote and support maximum utilization of locally available resources and assets as well as promote creativity for sustainable livelihoods of the Maasai people in Kenya.


To provide opportunities for the local community to effectively come up with sustainable solutions to poverty through creativity.


An aware, empowered and self driven community with active and strong social structures working collectively together to end poverty in Maasai land.

AMLI envisions a community aware of their rights to opportunity. A community using their own strengths and resources to promote education for their children, protect their environment and preserve their culture. AMLI sees men, women, village elders, children and the youth actively working for their own good, standing up, voicing their opinions and together addressing the challenges they face. In this community, children receive quality education, cattle and crops flourish on the plentiful land of the Maasai, men provide for needs of their families, and elders relish in the reverence given for the culture of the Maasai.


AMLI strives to build human capacity, inclusive approach in addressing poverty, promoting cost sharing, respect, local traditional knowledge, sustainability and creativity.


Our international development culture of “AID” has created a world in which marginalized communities see themselves as victims and eternal beneficiaries of someone else’s good fortune. The Maasai are but one example of this destructive pattern. To continue down the path means, tightening the bonds of oppression created by our history of intervention.

In line with its Mission and Vision, AMLI advocates for a more inclusive process in addressing poverty, building capacity of the local leaders and seeking sustainable solutions to poverty through creativity – THE GROUND–UP APPROACH